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Buying coins of all types

Are you thinking of selling? I am eager to buy all kinds of coins. I will purchase single coins but particularly wanted are entire collections and estates, including old, collectible United States, British and World coins, as well as old, collectible paper currency of any country. I am pleased to offer the following services, each with 100% confidentiality:
  • DIRECT PURCHASE of quality British coins that I would be proud to place with my clients.

  • TRADES of any kind towards the purchase of coins from my inventory for your collection.

  • IMMEDIATE PURCHASE of coins of all kinds at fair market prices. Inquiry must be made by email, mail or telephone prior to sending any coins, please!

  • CONSULTATION concerning auction placement of collections, if appropriate, with any of the major auction houses for which I do cataloguing work. My connections to these firms could work to your advantage.

  • LIQUIDATION of coin or paper-money collections in estates.

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