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Archives . . . a photo tour!

For your pleasure, here is a sampling of the treasures I have been privileged to handle over the years. Please do not ask to buy any of these coins. They were sold long ago into other collections. I hope you enjoy studying their images. Click on each photo-set to enlarge the pictures.

Finest known Cromwell Halfcrown of 1658,
specimen quality
  Finest known Charles II elephant-hallmark
guinea of 1664, extremely rare

Splendid guinea dated 1688 of King James II   Stunning guinea of William & Mary dated 1693
Marvelous guinea of William III dated 1695 Very rare 1701 Fine Work portrait guinea
of King William III
Ultra-rare “Vigo”-hallmarked 5 guineas of 1703
struck for Queen Anne from captured Spanish gold
Fabulous 1720 guinea of King George I 
Superb and very rare 1727 guinea of King George II Mega-rare pattern Proof guinea of 1761
struck for George III as a young king

Splendid 1805 twopence Proof minted in silver

Extremely rare Proof sovereign of 1818
from the fabulous Terner Collection


Rare gem-quality 1822 sovereign of George IV
showing the laureate portrait of the king

Marvelous 1822 crown struck for King George IV

Splendid 1823 gold £2 showing George IV
bearing the king’s own favorite portrait of himself
Rare-quality Bare Head portrait sovereign
of George IV dated 1827
Rare gem 1832 sovereign of King William IV,
uncle of Queen Victoria
First sovereign issue of Queen Victoria, dated 1838,
showing Young Head portrait (Terner Collection)
Marvelous coronation silver medal of Queen Victoria Rare-quality 1840 halfcrown of Queen Victoria
Superb 1842 gold sovereign of Queen Victoria Medallic-quality 1853 copper penny of Queen Victoria
Iridescent gem-quality 1853 shilling of Queen Victoria Magnificent 1870 Gothic florin of Queen Victoria
Enchanting 1870 Bun Head bronze penny of Victoria Victoria Jubilee Head crown of 1890 in superb grade
Deep cameo gem Proof 1893 sovereign,
Queen Victoria’s Veiled or Old Head portrait
Captivating, blue-toned Proof crown of 1893,
Victoria Old Head portrait
Rare and splendid 1957 Proof sovereign
Queen Elizabeth II
Very rare London mint 1917 sovereign of George V
from the Terner Collection

Past Printed Catalogues — a Useful Reference for just $20

I have a dwindling supply of my previous illustrated catalogues and printed price lists. Hundreds of B&W photos show most of the types of British milled coins, and many hammered and World coins as well. If you would like to have a set, I can offer a minimum of 10 different issues (more likely you will get closer to 20, depending upon availability), delivered postpaid, for just $20. In the age of cyberspace, these may well become collectibles themselves some day!

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