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A numismatic hello!

Welcome to one of the most unusual rare-coin websites on the Internet! I offer no coins directly for sale. What I offer is a special kind of one-to-one personal interaction that may assist you in building your collection, or in answering questions about particular coins or about lot descriptions in auctions which I have catalogued, or in helping you to liquidate rare coins or currency in your collection or even in estates. I have no staff. I am never "too busy" to answer your inquiries. I am sometimes away, cataloguing coins for auctions, so I cannot always answer the phone, but I reply to all emails.

My experience is extensive, with a long-time specialty in British coins and coins of the former British Colonies. Since 1974, I have catalogued U.S. and world coins for major auctions; I have handled virtually every rarity of the U.S. and of Great Britain. I've also had an interest for many years in the coins of Mexico, Switzerland, modern Germany and France, and South Africa. These are the coins which I most frequently write about for Heritage World Auctions; as a contract cataloguer, I have been associated for much of the past decade with Heritage's superb world-coin auctions. Two of the outstanding British offerings I described for those sales were the Exeter College Collection and the Guilford Courthouse Collection, and each of those sales achieved some world-record prices. I had been the advisor to the gentlemen who built those collections and supplied each of them with most of their finest coins. For many years previously, I was the sole advisor to Dr Jacob Y. Terner, who assembled one of the finest quality collections ever seen of Anglo-Saxon coins, of medieval and Renaissance English gold coins, and most especially of England's milled gold coins. In fact, Dr Terner's Anglo-Saxon and English gold collections were the foundation of what became the famed Millennia Collection. Each coin was exceptional as a condition rarity, and many of the Terner coins sold almost a decade ago still hold the top position in the condition-census reports and also as having achieved the highest prices paid at auction. There is no substitute for quality, nor any substitute for quality guidance whether buying or selling.

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